Best natural medication
I have ever used. I am a Diabetic HBA1C droped from 9.2 to 6.4. My Fibriomialgia pains are under control. IBS has improved +-80% to date. Sleep apnea has improved dramatically from a average of 2 hours sleep a knight to a full 6 hours +



Just wanted to leave
my positive experience with this product. Bought from a physical store and was not expecting much really, just wanted to experiment. Well I can say that after about a week or so, I have noticed a tangible difference in my mood. It’s as if my neutral state has been changed from worrisome to optimistic and peaceful, if that makes any sense. I don’t know if that’s just placebo but I don’t really mind. If you are having trouble with anxiety, I highly recommend this stuff.



As I have mentioned before, having suffered from acute psoriasis for many years, treated by dermatologists and drs, with Cortisone based products, I reacted negatively. I discovered the miracle of Cannabis soap supplied by yourselves by chance. For the past 2 years my psoriasis has been completely under control. I lather the soap, apply to affected areas, leave to dry, not washing it off. 

John Marais

Canna Soap

Used to suffer from extreme anxiety and insomnia, have been taking these drops every day and night for a couple weeks, long story short, I’ll never look back now. No terrible side effects like those from big pharma, and almost instant relief. So glad I found it.


Canna Oil