My colon was removed in October 2018. Since then I had an abses removed and had two leakages in my small intestine in February 2019. I started to use this product in April 2019 until the beginning of June 2019. The one leakage closed up by itself and and the bigger one was small by 14 May 2019 when I went for an colonloscopy. I also had an open wound on my tummy to make sure everything drained properly. Last week it was fully grown closed. I feel like my old self again. After using it for two days my tummy were working normal again. It helped for pain during the night and to sleep like a baby. I went for a checkup with the doctor yesterday and was very happy with the results.

Wendy Meyer


Just wanted to leave
my positive experience with this product. Bought from a physical store and was not expecting much really, just wanted to experiment. Well I can say that after about a week or so, I have noticed a tangible difference in my mood. It’s as if my neutral state has been changed from worrisome to optimistic and peaceful, if that makes any sense. I don’t know if that’s just placebo but I don’t really mind. If you are having trouble with anxiety, I highly recommend this stuff.



As I have mentioned before, having suffered from acute psoriasis for many years, treated by dermatologists and drs, with Cortisone based products, I reacted negatively. I discovered the miracle of Cannabis soap supplied by yourselves by chance. For the past 2 years my psoriasis has been completely under control. I lather the soap, apply to affected areas, leave to dry, not washing it off. 

John Marais

Canna Soap

From time get these insomnia flare-up, and man, after a week of 1-2 hours sleep I just want to kill anything that moves! Solution: 1xCanna cookie before bedtime. Thank you good night’s sleep. A few evenings of those and the insomnia flare-up is gone. (I hate taking pills, so eating a cookie, getting a bit high and mellow and then sleeping like a log is just great….)​


Canna Cookies

Best natural medication
I have ever used. I am a Diabetic HBA1C droped from 9.2 to 6.4. My Fibriomialgia pains are under control. IBS has improved +-80% to date. Sleep apnea has improved dramatically from a average of 2 hours sleep a knight to a full 6 hours +



Used to suffer from extreme anxiety and insomnia, have been taking these drops every day and night for a couple weeks, long story short, I’ll never look back now. No terrible side effects like those from big pharma, and almost instant relief. So glad I found it.


Canna Oil

I transitioned into a vegan diet recently and my skin was in a havoc, and was suffering with horrible acne; I’ve been using the canna soap & Shea butter for a week now and everything has cleared. I’m so so happy – these products are brilliant


Canna Soap

I battled Shingles
which re-appeared 4 times damaging my nerves and resulting in PHN which is chronic and painful. After weaning myself off the awful meds (Lyrica)I found these cookies. What a relief!! I can sleep again – only taking them when I need them,not like the meds which had to be taken constantly. Thank you Lara!


Canna Cookies

I buy this for my daughter with Autism (14) . I ask her if she would like to have some and she has never said no ! We have had great adventures at the beach and in the forest with our Cookies…. It takes the edge off her day and mine


Canna Cookies

Have diabetes 2.
It does help! I do not drink any diabetes tablets anymore, only if sugar level goes up to 12 or 13 will i drink the diabetes tablet. It only happens 4-5 times a year! I only drink one capsule of cinnamon a day. Will drink 2 a day now and see what happens, perhaps be cured with 2. Will be so nice.

Mercia Buys


Good for restless legs,
Hubby uses it for quite some time now and is foolproof! Used to give to one of the ladys who worked for me for her child who got epileptic seizures to sleep at night. Worked wonderfull.

Mercia Buys

Canna Cookies

Excellent product!
Has, in 2 months, eliminated almost all my little skin cancer growths and diminished those remaining by at least 75%, sure they will all be clear within another month

Barbara David Anderson

Canna Soap

These cookies are the best for insomnia. I took 1.5 before going to bed, got a solid 8hrs sleep, woke up fresh and well rested


Canna Cookies

From Day 1 of using Joint Eeze i have got relief from Joint pain.. Amazing stuff!


Joint Eeze

use it on my son,
it cured his eczema and nappy rash, I’m very happy with the product.

Chirmone Diedericks

Shea Butter

I've been using
Cannaoil since Nov 2018 for high BP and Overactive Thyroid. I’ve tried a few different companies Cbd and I can say that your Cannaoil is by far THE BEST! And it definitely helps!​

Kerry Du Plessis

Canna Oil

" i have noticed a change in night sweats and hot flashes within one month of taking the product. about to put my husband on it for CFS "​


Maca Root

This help me with testosterone levels and treats my sugar levels 100%​ 


Maca Root

Excellent product!
I have been sleeping better and my energy levels are much higher – highly recommended for everyone to take.

Jeni C


Been using this for about a week and already noticed a difference. Very grateful for organic supplements. So many are synthetic these days.